First, get the Category ID that you'll need later to update the footer if you are implementing OPTION 3 (see below).

  1. Go to
  2. Select a Category. The URL will update with more stuff in it. Copy the last number (In the below example, it is 43).

Next, go to the page where you want to add the new module.
  1. In edit mode, add a new "DNNArticleList" module
  2. Set the module title and click save.
  3. Open the module's settings: 
  • In the Page Settings tab, set the Module container to a Sidebar option (like Sidebar_Title_H2 or Sidebar_No_Title)
  • In the DNNArticleList Settings tab, set all settings to match the DNNArticleList module on the News page (with a few exceptions)
    1. Add your desired categories under the "Show Articles belongs to One of selected Categories"
    2. In the Footer Template, you have three options. 
      • OPTION 1 - Don't include any links or text. Delete anything in the Footer field and leave it blank.
      • OPTION 2 - Link back to the Main News page. Change the dropdown to "Select a Template" and choose "UPPH_news_list_ReadMore.html
      • OPTION 3 - Link back to a specific page as well as the main news page:
        • Change the link text from "View more Cura Zika News" to whatever you want. In the Footer Template, change the link URL's last number to the number copied from above

          Example: Change the Cura Zika Footer Template to Kudos. We already know that the Category ID is 43

          ORIGINAL: <p></br><a href=""><strong>View more Cura Zika News</strong></a>

          <p></br><a href=""><strong>View more Kudos News</strong></a>

          WARNING: If you leave the closing div tag </div> in the footer field, but updated the other fields, you can potentially break the rest of the page by not removing it. An extra closing div tag is like telling the HTML to end something before it should be ended. That is why the page will error. If this happens, switch to Layout Mode (Edit Page > View in Layout Mode) and go back into the DNNArticleList settings to fix the mistake.