If the REES server's modem stops working (you get a pop window saying "Can't dial out to report alarms", or when you try to edit phone lists you get error message "This node is not voice dial-out capable"), try rebooting the REES server. If that doesn't work:

1. Open Task Manager and stop centron.exe.
2. Run c:\ReesSystem\TapiTest.exe.
3. Click SelectPrimary, you should pick Com4 "USB Modem" (Com5 "USB Modem = #3" is for Node 2, which we don't have yet). This connects to phone jack 47342 in the wall.
4. Click Initialize modem.
5. When it finishes, close Tapitest.
6. Restart c:\ReesSystem\centron.exe.
7. Start rees.exe or click the Workstation icon, and see if problem is fixed. If a lot of inputs show offline, go on to Step 8.

8. If inputs show offline, stop centron.exe again, and click on the Test Wireless icon on the desktop.
9. Let it run through the 7 Vnets and search for them. When it finishes, each Vnet should show its inputs with OK-R or OK-E.
10. Close Test Wireless, restart centron.exe, then start rees.exe or click Workstation icon and see if it's fixed.

11. If the modem is still not working, try rebooting the server again.

To test the modem (Oct 2015, from Ann Ostroski): use NODE #63 which is a cold room. To make it go off, change the phone number to your own, the alarm limits (settings) to 8-12, the alarm delay at 1 minute, after delay to 1 minute.